How to deal with online designer? 

When designing furniture for the first time, be sure to read the instructions for working with online calculator to calculate the most accurate value of the product. 

Step 1 

Indicate the size of the main duct of the future cabinet (height, depth, width). Specify whether your closet floor, ceiling, rear wall, side racks (for built-in furniture). Select the color of the case. Consider the availability of open corner shelves on the right and the left, and their sizes. Note that the restriction on the size of the cabinet is almost no! 

Step 2 

Select the content of the cabinet by dragging the mouse in the desired item is convenient, in your opinion, the place. Start with vertical partitions, defining the number of offices in the closet. Optionally, set the pantograph hangers, vertical and horizontal pipes, holders tie and trousers, shoe racks. The remaining space is filled with drawers and shelves. Or act differently - start with the number and size of shelves and drawers, and then if possible, make the additional elements. 

Step 3 

Go to the external design wardrobe. Specify the number of doors - it is usually equal to the number of vertical compartments in the cabinet. Choose a material for doors (chipboard, glass or mirror) and their color. Optionally, you can perform a combination of several materials, doors, separated. For example, do not all door mirror, but only two-thirds, filling out the rest of the leaf chipboard. 

Step 4 

Fill out the form to indicate your contact information, and send us a request for a free calculation of the cost of the cabinet. The price will also include fasteners and hardware necessary for the implementation of your project. 

Once you have issued a request to the closet, the calculator can be closed. Message with the results of the calculation and the exact value of the cabinet will come to your email inbox. Rate the work of online designer and create your perfect wardrobe. And we gladly will implement your idea and make you the owner of an exclusive and high-quality furniture!

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