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Main / NEWS / Small update designers - the attention to detail.

Small update designers - the attention to detail.

Thank you for your support , we have prepared the latest update and pressure to designers this year.

Today we have added new features designers and finalized some details :

1. Now the maximum number of doors in the constructors ( calculators ) doors and wardrobes = 8 pcs.

2 . Designer automatically offers of doors opening depending on the user selected in the transition to the second stage .

  • 2 door wardrobe if to 1400mm
  • 3 door wardrobe if to 2100mm
  • 4-door wardrobe if to 2800mm
  • 5 doors wardrobe if to 3500mm
  • 6 doors if the cabinet to 4200mm
  • 7 if the cabinet doors 4200mm more

3 . Checking the maximum and minimum size door coupe , designers settings you have the opportunity to ask these dimensions .

4 . Add text for translation, which you can change to the constructors .

5 . Corrected for minor flaws " Saving the configuration " of designers.

6. All references are automatically generated with the support of SSL- certificate https://


So as we prepare nachili site for updates and expansion for private office , which will be able to view your orders .

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