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Settings button text "Instruction"
Now, in the settings of designers have the ability to customize the text in a separate field instructions for your users.

New opportunities to change the design of designers
You can to brand their designers to create a custom design for all furniture designers

New opportunities for designers Bookmarks (calculators) furniture.
Now you can change the location of the bookmark and download their favorites for each design individually.

Important Update!!!
Verify that your constructors in wardrobes and sliding doors

New opportunities for sand drawings and additional opportunities for new designers.
Now added to the drawings sandblasting door coupe in the correct implementation.

Small update designers - the attention to detail.
We have prepared the latest update and pressure to designers this year.

Now our designers protected.
Our website and our designers have been certified by SSL.

Furniture designers in FACEBOOK
It is now possible to set our designers in the social network Facebook.

Regular updates designers.
Today we finished all the designers and optimization of our site.

Change all of the labels, or translated into any language!
Now you can change all the inscriptions on the designers, as well as use your calculators furniture in any language.

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