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Bookmark Designer

Added a new feature for your websites. Now, on any page, you can set a bookmark with the designer. Designer opens a new window on top of your site.

It is very important for sites which our designers are not fully fit on a page by page templates.

How to bookmark a website?

Set a bookmark with the designer cabinet compartment is very easy and does not require any effort, so the same as you put the code on your site with the designer and here you have to make just two steps:

1. Go to your account, in the "Wardrobe" with levoystorony and click on the button



 2. Copy the code from the "designer cabinets (tab)" and insert it into the template


Additionally - if you have not turned on the site working with the jQuery code to be inserted into the same page written above code for the bookmark.


Refer to your Web - designers that they have set you this bookmark.