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Online furniture designers
for your website



Online service - calculator of wardrobes The uniqueness of this service is not only to build and visualize the results of the calculation of the instantaneous value. The main thing - it is an opportunity to integrate it to your site, thereby attracting more customers and making it easier for managers in your office.

  Using our constructers you will earn the trust of customers, you will be able to involve them in the development of their own project, making calculations immediately in the presence of the customer. You will forget about the meaningless trips to the customers, because now they will be able, without leaving the house, paint furniture for a few minutes and using the whole palette of your materials, in the end sending to you finished oder.

  All the furniture is drawn to actual size. All dimensions and the cost of the furniture are displayed in real time. The client can always add or remove any item. As a result, each customer will be able to pick up a the wardrobe depending on his wishes and possibilities .



Our Constructers counts  fully all costs for the production of furniture, giving you the exact cost of closet and getting rid of the routine work.The calculation of the value always takes a lot of time and attention, you have to remember a single component. Our own constructer will ask you only one time all the data and then the rest of the work will take on itself.

  The most important thing for you is that you and your designers will be no more time for counting and drawing, but to attract new customers while staying focused on the little things.

  Our "On-line 3D Constructers" will always be improved and enhanced with new features. And of course, we will always take into account your wishes and suggestions.